La Nacional’s Official Film



Written and Directed by Celia Novis

Produced by Manel Ferrera and Celia Novis


Filmed in New York, 2014-2017


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This is a historical and artistic documentary film about the evolution of La Nacional- Spanish Benevolent Society (the oldest Spanish society of the United States, founded in 1868 in New York) and the remarkable significance of the neighborhood where it is located, on the famous 14th Street, near the Hudson River where Spanish ships docked during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

This place became known as Little Spain. It lived a golden age, when it was a vibrant corner of New York, but also suffered a dark age in which all Spanish footprints disappeared in the neighborhood, only remaining a single survivor: La Nacional, clinging to its experiences, myths and legends. It is said that Sorolla, Lorca, Dalí and Paco de Lucía spent some nights there and that even Sorolla gave one of his paintings to La Nacional long time ago, but it later disappeared. Those walls hold a lot of secrets.

Domingo Zapata, a popular Spanish artist known as the “new Andy Warhol”, will accompany us with his art in this walk through History and legends.

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