Soccer at La Nacional

The thrill of soccer does not end with the World Cup. It’s only the beginning! La Nacional hosts viewing parties in our stunning main room for major matches. With a huge screen and quality sound system, we are the premier space to watch a rousing match in the city. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and right here for schedule updates.

2014-2015 Highlights

La Liga BBVA begins August 24. We have been accustomed to the monopoly of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, but last season Atlético de Madrid won the Championship. We look forward to many more surprises this season!

In 2015 our city welcomes a new Major League Soccer team: New York City Football Club! While the team is currently under construction, David Villa, the top scorer for the Spanish National team, was the first sign. Read his first interview with the NYCFC.

La Nacional
239 W 14th St, NYC
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