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An Historic Endeavor

Nearly 100 years ago, La Nacional – Spanish Benevolent Society made an appeal for help. The Society needed to raise funds to renovate a newly-purchased building on West 14th street.  Many of the boats carrying immigrants and goods from Spain were docked on the nearby ports and the Society recognized the need to provide services for this newly burgeoning neighborhood of Spaniards.

The President of the Society at that time was Jose Camprubí who founded  La Prensa, (today the largest and oldest Spanish –language newspaper in the USA). In 1920, he used the newspaper to call for a “spirit of solidarity and cooperation” within the community to renovate our new home, promising that “open will be our doors to all.”

Today, as the Society embarks on another truly historic endeavor, we again make an urgent appeal to the community.

Creating a Community Restaurant

After several decades of renting out our restaurant space on the ground floor, the Society is excited to announce that we are designing a community restaurant and gathering place. Our non-profit will be teaming up with some of the top culinary institutes in Spain – sponsoring the visas of the country’s best young chefs to create in our kitchen. The Society will provide each chef with an apartment in our brownstone to draw inspiration from La Nacional’s past and establish a culinary epicenter in New York City for Spanish food.

The renovation will transform the space – providing for a stylish and contemporary makeover with a nod to the history and tradition of the society. When we open in November, we will offer diners quality food, reasonable prices and a neighborhood atmosphere for all to enjoy.

The Restaurant at La Nacional will be the catalyst for significant cultural and community programming that reflects the Society’s mission. This includes free or low-cost apartments upstairs for artists-in-residence and opening our event space on the parlor floor to community events, cultural pursuits and charitable causes.

Our team 2016, Photograph by Michael Palma

We Need Your Support

But adhering to the benevolent mission of La Nacional is not always compatible with the bottom line. The renovation of the restaurant extends far beyond the Society’s savings. This is where you can help. This is YOUR Society.  It is a non-profit run by the community, for the benefit of the community. You donation is an investment in that community.

We want to reward our backers. For just $100 you will be invited to opening night – when the dream becomes reality. Enjoy the first dishes created by our young new chef as he/she embarks on their culinary career. The more you donate, the more we want to give back: Have your generosity memorialized forever on our 200-year old walls as we etch your family or company name on an individual brick.  Enjoy a private tasting menu at the chefs table. You can also secure our spacious event space upstairs for a fully-catered and serviced party or event of your choice.

La Nacional is run mostly by volunteers – people who deeply believe in the mission of the Society.  Their tireless dedication drives this endeavor.  Additionally, our architectural and design teams, construction crew, accountants and other professionals are all working at a fraction of their normal rate. All of us pledge to be good stewards of your donations.

More Than A Donation

Finally, we remind you that this Society exists at the service of our community. We have spent 150 years as the cultural, charitable and spiritual center for the Spanish-speaking community.  It has never been clearer that we fail to preserve our heritage at our own peril. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of celebrating who we are and creating common spaces where the wine pours, bread is broken and conversation flows freely and easily.

And like Camprubí wrote in 1920 “Our society will always know how to express its gratitude, multiplied one hundredfold, for that which you bestow on us, for your generosity. We do not ask you for alms, rather we ask you for that which shall belong to you.

La Nacional crowdFUNDING Presentation (PDF)


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John RodinoPrivate
Yvonne Chao$100
Andrew and Michelle Gaines$280
Jennifer Lake$103.39
Patrick Donovan$103.39
Donald Donovan$100
Irene MohedanoPrivate
Kate GarretsonPrivate
Leonor Torres$100
A. Fard$62.15
Andre MonteroPrivate
Jose Fernández$250
Maria Hancock$1001
Andres Colapinto$62.15
Anthony J Armada$103.39
Francisco  HernandezPrivate
Diana Cioffi$103.39
David WileyPrivate
Laura Turegano$309.57
Omar Antonio Alvarez-Pousa$62.15
Deborah Rubin$515.75
Sunil Mody$283.80
Marcel Agüeros$103.39
Varun Nagpal$275
Francisco Santamaría$2500
Antonio Sanchez Camacho$100.00
Scott-Robert Shenkman$100.00
Barbara Warren$103.39
Marina GardePrivate
Salvador MonteagudoPrivate
Ellen Federico$206.48
Unai Bilbao$180
Marianne Lydon$412.66
Janie Teller$25
J Tyson Bennett$207.88
John WilliamsPrivate
Cristina Cortes$60
Michael Huber$1,038.20
Randi and Syd Williams$104.09
James Allyn$60
Elizabeth FernandezPrivate
Carlos Contreras ElviraPrivate
Carmen FariñaPrivate
Kathryn Diaz$2,000.00
Adam Schafer$62.57
Eric Marrus$207.88
Oscar Cortijo$145
Luis Carlos de La Lombana$500.00
Joan Chiaramonte$104.09
Joshua Kranz$100
Conchita Gonzalez De Castejon$104.09
Estrella GaliciaPrivate
Sandra Robertelli$100
Thomas LesliePrivate
Brunilda DeJesusPrivate
Brunilda DeJesusPrivate
Begoña Plaza$311.67
Wilmar Saldarriaga $100
Wilmar Saldarriaga $100
Leila Amineddoleh$100
Carolina LeinwandPrivate
Leila Amineddoleh$100
Soraya Padrao & Ignacio Garcia-BusteloPrivate
AENY Spanish Artists in New York$150
Arturo Archila$62.57
Diana Pacheco$62.57
Jacqueline Chezar$104.09
Esperanza Caño
Thomas CareyPrivate
Arthur Pingrey$207.88
Francisca Suárez-Coalla$100
Susan Wurthmann
Ellen Luger$311.67
Peter ChiaramontePrivate
Maria Martin$104.09
Margaret Simon$104.09
Carsten/Sandra Weiss$200
Louise Antilus$60
Arturo Archila$104.09
Laura Turegano$100
Marina GardePrivate
Tom and Linda Platt$100
Maria Martin$62.57
 Hello Apartments$485
Frank Rodino-Vives$519.25
Adrienne Short$100
Gloria Rodriguez$100
Monarca Events$150
Pluma Poética Del Arte$150
Jose Sestayo$104.09
Jacqueline Donado$100
Jaime Rodríguez$100
John de Soto$100
Tessa Ngobi-Sanfiz$60
Tabula RaSa NYC Theater$200
Caryn DaLoia$62.57
Carine Girard$50
Teba Besada$62.57
Bradley Grossman$100
Anonymous $60
Tomas Freire $1,200
Ted Mineau $100
John Rodino $104.09
Anonymous $650
Anne Born $104.09


Lunch on us!
Please come enjoy a delicious lunch for you and a friend in our newly renovated space, including complimentary drinks from our innovative new cocktail menu!
A Once-in-a-Lifetime Invite!
It will truly be an historic and magical night when the restaurant goes live for an exclusive opening night – to see our Chef create his first dishes in our new kitchen. We want our backers to be a part of this experience. Enjoy one pass to our opening night on us!
The España Experience!
Enjoy exclusive opening night passes for two plus we’ll treat you to a choice of a special plate of Jamón Serrano – de Bellota, considered the best (and most expensive) jamón in the world. Yes, the good stuff! We want our backers to have the complete opening night experience!
Opening Night & Private Tasting Menu
Enjoy exclusive opening night passes for two plus, we’d like to invite you back for a special five course tasting menu at the chef’s private table in the back of the restaurant.
A Gift Memorialized!
“Mil gracias!” Experience our exclusive opening night party with two guest passes. We also want to invite you back for a five course tasting menu at our chef’s private table plus have your name or company etched onto a brick on the 200 year-old wall of our restaurant.
Why not use your marketing budget for something worthwhile? Pledge this amount and we will give you an all-inclusive weekday corporate or holiday party for up to 80 guests in our beautiful event space on the parlor floor of our brownstone.

For individuals, let us host your rehearsal dinner, graduation, fundraiser, bar/bat mitzvah or any other sort of celebration for up to 80 guests, fully catered and serviced by our restaurant.
The society would consider corporate sponsorships and exclusive corporate partnership and periodic use of our events space for marketing events, showcases or special exhibitions. We’d also like to honor your generous donation with a permanent plaque in the reception/waiting area of our restaurant that commemorates the invaluable contribution your company has made to this historic endeavor.
Gift Certificate
For those who prefer a gift certificate (for the amount donated) to our restaurant PLUS a complimentary bottle of wine instead of one of the above listed rewards, please enter the amount and select the ‘’gift certificate’’ option in the following field labeled ‘’name’’.